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I will never end up like him

behind my back i already am

30 July
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So my name is Kendra and I'm twenty one years old. I'm your everyday girl and I have many hobbies. I love Music. Music is the soundtrack to our lives so we shouldn't be judgemental of what other people like. I'm not going to sit here and name all of my favorite bands but Panic At The Disco,Fall Out Boy,Forever The Sickest Kids,All Time Low and Simple Plan are on the list.

Anime is another passion of mine. Some of my favorite animes are Sailor Moon,Inuyasha,Cardcaptors,Soul Eater,Vampire Knight,Hunter x Hunter,Black Cat,Avatar, D.N.Angel and more that i cant name.

I love to write. I've been writing fanfics since I was fourteen years old. I get ideas from animes,songs and tons of other things!

Along with writing I love to read. I love the Harry Potter series and I have read all seven. Not to happy with the ending but meh. I love And There Were None and Restless Hearts.

I draw as well. I do anime and portraits. I did my own cartoon series for my story the demon within.My favorite subject to draw is Brendon Urie from panic at the disco.

I love to play video games. I have too many games to list but its a hobby of mine. I've been playing since i was four.

I love slash as well









pictures later ;]