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I will never end up like him [entries|friends|calendar]

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BOND character list [19 Oct 2011|04:18pm]
there is a western avatar but I have to remember who who they are

listCollapse )
Reinvent Love

Reporter Brendon Urie [03 Aug 2009|09:26am]

See it bigger hereCollapse )

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Peterick(Stand By Your Man) [03 Aug 2009|09:18am]

See it bigger hereCollapse )

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Brendon on the piano [02 Aug 2009|07:01pm]

shaded via dusting

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listening to "Time To Dance - Panic! At The Disco" on Blip [16 Jul 2009|07:34am]
Listening to Time To Dance (fav panic song ever)
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[14 Feb 2009|09:43pm]

Friends Only! for all my fics,updates and picspams youre gonna have to add me!

until you do watch Chuckles dance  and start grinding with his b/f

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